Too desperate to get lucky!!!!

Luck!!!!! How strange it is!!! You try very hard to convince yourself that it does not exist. But, its simply not possible for you to ignore its apparent presence in every aspect of your life. Or so your lazy 'self' tends to believe.

I find myself in a state where I am just too desperate to get lucky. In definite need of some good luck...

Why would one need luck??? As far as my understanding goes, there can be two reasons: 1) You deserve to succeed in all ways and a bit of good luck would make your chances of winning a perfect 100%.
2)You have nothing that can get to the gates of victory and you need some good luck to get you there!!!
Now, if you know me, you will have no doubt which of the above reasons suits me best.

My observation of luck for the past 21 years is that it can be really tricky. Its too elusive when you look for it. You just ignore it, you will find yourself surrounded by it.

I wonder whether I am too desperate to get lucky!!!!

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