break the rules-1

If there is anything that fascinates thats science. Especially, the human body. How complex is this machine????? It has been more than 10,000 years (since we started living a life that is different from other animals on the planet), still we are no where close to proclaim that our understanding of the magnificently complex 'human body' is complete.

Nature had always eluded human comprehension.

Discovery of prions toppled the perception that infectious agents are viruses or any living organisms. Prions are proteins that are capable of causing infections on their own.

Prions are thought to be misfolded proteins that once inside a cell, could cause the normal proteins to misfold and prevent the cell from performing their function.
The famous Madcow disease and Scrapie are caused by prions.

You can expect more posts on prions in the following weeks.


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